As your Seller’s Agent, I offer the best in customer service. 

I will prepare a comparative market analysis that will explain how I have arrived at the suggested listing price for your home. I like to take my clients carefully through the comparable homes so that my clients and I are truly on the same page regarding what we believe our listing price should be. The selling process requires us to work together as a team. I can’t be successful without clients who are ready to work together toward our common goal!

We will work together to create a plan to maximize the price that you will get for your home within the desired amount of marketing time. 

My attention to detail will be evident in the presentation of the market analysis, as well as in the attractive flyers that I prepare for marketing purposes. That careful attention is also paid to my clients. 

Once we have a signed contract, I will keep you up to date with every development toward the sale of your home; through to our successful closing. 

If you have a home with green features, one or many, I have the specialized knowledge that allows me to successfully market those features. We want potential buyers to understand the additional value of the green features that you, as a homeowner or developer, have taken the care to choose and install in the home. Whether the benefits have to do with lower utility bills, or a healthier home interior, I care about, understand, and see it as my responsibility to educate the market about the intrinsic (and extrinsic!) values of those choices.

Additionally, I understand how best to communicate the added value of those features to the home appraiser. This specialized knowledge will benefit you as we work together to capture the highest value possible for your home.

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