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The Magic List

The first step is always to make that list:

My New Home…

1. Must Have…
2. I Would Like for it to Have…
3. Icing on the Cake Would be…

When buyers make this list as they are thinking about the home that they want to purchase, and think about it through the preapproval process, the purchasing process can be simplified. There is power in writing these things down, sitting with choices for a few days, and communicating with others involved in the purchase. Sometimes, believe it or not, you are able to find just what you were hoping to find! 

Years ago I had clients who wrote down “Juliet balcony” and “fruit trees” on their “Icing” list! Those things are not that easy or common to find, specifically, when looking for your first home in Seattle. But, YES, we found them! And when we did, we all KNEW it was their new house.
That’s the power of intentional house hunting!

Prioritization & making lists… it’s becoming the hip thing to do!

Have YOU heard about the Marie Kundo phenomenon?

Well, here is an article about her methods. As a real estate broker, I think she has some great advice. Who does not need some help either as they prep (and here I mean deep clean!) their home for sale or clean their home as they pack? Nobody wants to pay to move items that they don’t really want to bring along to their new, fresh start! Marie is popular enough now that you can read about her online, read her book, or watch her Netflix special. No more excuses!

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