Moving Forward

Blue skies and golden brown grasses in the landscape.
Clear views to the West!

As Dorothy Gale famously said, “There’s No Place Like Home”. The last couple of years have had me thinking the same thing, and I made the big move back to my hometown of Topeka, Kansas this last fall. I’ve been reveling in the wide-open spaces and the BIG Kansas skies with the sunrises and sunsets that go on forever. I’m watching hawks, rabbits, horses, cows and deer, throwing the ball for my dog as far as I can. I’m appreciating the colors of the grasses, listening to the quiet and watching the bright stars in the clear dark skies. I feel at home, immersed in the country with nature all around.

A recalibration is what I’ve been working on, it seems. I was in need of a fresh point of reference in order to complete the recalibration. In that vein, I’ve realized that I need to turn towards work within the field of conservation. Animals and the environment in general – that’s where I’d like to put my energy at this point. With my biology background & MBA in Sustainable Systems, plus my Project Management experience in both real estate and my work @ Close to Home, I trust that I’ll be able to use my skills for the benefit of a conservation non-profit. Working to close the circle, as I spent my college days and early career as a naturalist in a number of different environments and capacities. That’s my hope and dream at this point!

I’m open to networking and appreciate any leads or opportunities. Thank you!

-Rachel Stamm

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A beautiful Kansas sunset with trees in the foreground.
A Kansas Sunset
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