I want to mention here the fact that I have been interested in housing equity for quite some time. Working in real estate in Seattle for 20 years comes with an understanding of the issues around housing affordability.

I began in real estate in 2000 and thought I had done well for myself when 2007 rolled around. My first buyers were selling and buying larger homes, marrying, moving, taking a job outside of Seattle, etc. It was a busy year.

And then came 2008.

We won’t rehash what happened then! But I had a few years with a little more time on my hands to listen to the radio and to be very up to date on local and national news. And when 2011 came with a rash of tornados, that sure got my attention. Little did I know then how much of my attention that news would earn from me over the next eight years!

The short of it is that I went back to school and got my MBA in Sustainable Systems, all the while thinking about housing post-disaster and doing that research as housing in general was becoming more and more unaffordable for so many in the greater Seattle area. Meanwhile, I was also parenting my daughter, driving her to school and watching the homeless explosion alongside our highways and byways.

And so I have devoted much time and effort to my work in trying to advance tiny houses as a solution for so many of the problems that our society continues to face. And after all of this work, I have gained a lot of expertise that I am excited to bring to my ongoing work with homeowners as Seattle looks to increase backyard cottages and the housing density in Seattle where it is so desperately needed.

If you are looking for an agent who understands those issues, I would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I do believe that we need all types of folks working to address housing – in small and larger ways – all along the spectrum. As I’m fond of saying, there is no one solution that fits all, but tiny can be a BIG part of the puzzle.

Please read more about my work at Close to Home.

Thank you for your interest in all things tiny!

Rachel, October 2019

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