At Close to Home it’s sure hard to turn off the news. It seems that every time you turn around, there’s another story of someone losing their home or dealing with the unattainable house. Whether because of a forest fire right here in our Pacific NW backyard, or watching the recent news on the multiple hurricanes or simply driving around and seeing the homeless encampments and people on the street, it’s obvious that we’re in a housing crisis. We need solutions for: starter homes, affordable housing, housing for Veterans, homelessness, aging in place, and post-disaster housing.

More solutions, please!

We’re coming to realize as a society that we need new solutions, new paradigms, to address this crisis. The tiny house movement is growing as people from different walks of life trade less square footage for more freedom. Close to Home has witnessed the growing acceptance of “tiny” as a potential reality for a larger segment of society. Thanks to our extensive market research and time in the field we have found ways to maximize space & affordability while providing the essentials that real people need in a home.

Research & Development…

Close to Home is very pleased to be at the point of having put this research into a brand new product – one that we hope can address some of the pain points that we see as organizations try to house those in need in their communities. Yes, tiny houses are popular but people are building them without having done much research on how to build them to maximize their possibilities. Or people take the opposite tack and go down the research rabbit hole – with the result being that building happens years later from when it was initially needed!

We’ve taken the time required to research materials and components that are green, energy-efficient, affordable, and yes, attractive! The team at Close to Home has worked really hard to design a home that we’d want to live in and one that we hope will provide a level of comfort and peace to others.

We’ve heard from organizations about the level of commitment that they have from volunteers within their community. They want to put that sweat equity to work – they want to build homes for their own communities!

A Solution – ASPIRE

What solution are we presenting? ASPIRE – a Tiny House on Wheels DIY Kit. We’ve designed it and we’re building the prototype to test all aspects of the design and building timeline. Then you or your organization can order the Kit – all in one fell swoop! You’ll receive everything needed for this Kit – from the custom designed trailer down to the buckets of paint and last nail you’ll need. We’ll provide the tool list and a suggested build schedule with the volunteers that you’ll need. Yes, your build will require some electrical and plumbing expertise, and we’ll tell you who and what you need and when!

Stay Tuned!

We’re removing these barriers to entry and giving you the components (you bring the tools) to build a complete home – appliances and furniture INCLUDED! We’re getting to work on our build on October 7th!

Keep your eyes on our social media, as we’ll be posting as we build!

Close to Home’s aspiration is to help communities build more of the homes they need.

Published by Rachel Stamm

I am passionate about understanding the needs and desires of my clients regarding how a house can support their lifestyle. Whether you are moving into or out of the Seattle area, downsizing, moving up, or dreaming of your perfect first home, I will do everything I can to see that your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. I have been a licensed real estate broker since 2000 (yes, 21 years now!) and I am committed to the highest standards of ethics and customer service. I am now a 12-Year Winner of Seattle magazine’s “Five Star Award” – an award based entirely on customer satisfaction. My goal is always to exceed the expectations of my clients.

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